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 If you know what qualification you want to build for your staff you can go straight to it and begin to select the units most appropriate for their job roles. The Skill Selector has qualifications at level 2, 3 and 5.

Some units that make up the qualifications are mandatory - this means that they have to be completed. Others are optional and provide a way of putting together the perfect qualification for your staff. You can select optional units by topic or subject areas.

Each unit has a credit level and qualifications have a minimum number of credits required. The learner can do more units if the rules of combination allow.

As well as keeping a count of the number of credits, the Skill Selector will let you know if the units you have chosen are not compatible or do not meet the required rules of combination to make the qualification selected so you don't need to worry!

Remember the qualification you're building will provide the learner with the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in a wider range of skills to complement their role – you don’t need to stop at the minimum number. Some of these units will be able to transfer across to other qualifications if appropriate to enhance future career and skills development.

To build a qualification please select your choice from the qualifications available below.

The result is a qualification summary for you to print and discuss with your employee and training provider.

Below is a list of the different qualifications available in adult social care. Click on the title for more information.



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