An Apprenticeship is a work-based learning programme designed around the needs of employers, which leads to nationally recognised qualifications. You can use Apprenticeships to train both new and existing staff of any age and funding is available.


Currently there are three levels of social care Apprenticeships available:


  • Intermediate Apprenticeships in Health and Social Care - level 2
  • Advanced Apprenticeships in Health and Social Care - level 3
  • Higher Apprenticeships in Health and Social Care – Care Leadership and Management (England) – level 5

An Apprenticeship is made up of different parts that give learners a range of skills and knowledge.


The Higher Apprenticeship, Care Leadership and Management (England) has two pathways.


The core pathway is based on the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services.


As well as taking the core pathway, learners have the option to take an additional Higher Education (HE) pathway in an area of specialist care knowledge or enterprise skills and gain credits towards a university qualification at level 5.



You can use the Skill Selector to help you decide the units you would like a learner to take as part of the diplomas at level 2, 3 and 5 so it’s tailored to their job role and your business needs.

Go to occupational competency within the build a qualification page. 


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